July 20, 2009

Milestones: July 2009

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in July 2009. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


10 years of service
Vernon-Russell, Laura, Institute for Policy Studies

5 years of service
Bond, Karen, Center for Talented Youth
Regenberg, Alan, Faculty Centers and Programs
Swift, Michelle, Institute for Policy Studies


Chase, Alice, 22 years of service, Center for Immunization Research

20 years of service
Cline, Amanda, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
McCoy, Judith, Custodial Services
McKissick, Lisa, Research Administration
Nowlin, Denise, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Redmon-Norwood, Amy, American Journal of Epidemiology

15 years of service
Brown, Robert, Custodial Services
Greene, Sheila, Custodial Services
Herl, Kimberly, Business Office
Langmead, Harriet, Environmental Health Sciences

10 years of service
Ivy, Richard, Distance Education
McLean, Janet, Center for Communication Programs
Williams, D’Ann, Environmental Health Engineering

5 years of service
Biewener, Matthew, Center for Communication Programs
Cooke, Jeannette, Office of Research Subjects
Dorsey, Barbara, Custodial Services
Williams, Yolanda, Custodial Services


35 years of service
Williams, Horace, Athletics and Recreation

30 years of service
Jacklin, Terry, Registrar

25 years of service
Hankin, Craig, Homewood Art Workshops

20 years of service
Smedick, William, Office of Dean of Students

15 years of service
Pearre, Mary, Student Health and Wellness Center


20 years of service
Johnson, Kimberly, Manuscript Editing
Wehmueller, Jacqueline, Acquisitions

10 years of service
Fell, Charlotte, Information Systems

5 years of service
Snoeyenbos, Ann, Marketing International


35 years of service
Berry, Norma, Physics and Astronomy

15 years of service
Toptygin, Dmitri, Biology

5 years of service
Okajima, Takashi, Physics and Astronomy
Roe, Teresa, Center for Social Organization of Schools


35 years of service
Goodwin, Linda, Ensemble Operations


30 years of service
Williams, John, Library Services

20 years of service
Ji, Zhaojin, China Studies


Chromo, Carrilee, 20 years of service, Urology
Dodson, Dawn, 30 years of service, Neurology
Sherman, Elaine, 27 years of service, Pediatric Anesthesiology

35 years of service
Dalton, Rose, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Snead, Ann, Housing and Student Life

25 years of service
Marshall, Diane, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Romanoski, Alan, Psychiatry

20 years of service
Fillius, Ruby, Urology
Klaus, Judith, Anesthesiology
Roane, Maria, Thoracic Surgery
Smith, Gregory, Oncology
Thoburn, Christopher, Oncology
Wethersby, Francine, Pediatrics

15 years of service
Alexander, Tanya, Student and House Staff
Breland, Mary, Biological Chemistry
Colson, Martha, White Marsh Specialty Group
Dibastiani, Samantha, Psychiatry
Higley, Denise, Rheumatology
Jones, Lester, Urology
Shultz, Susan, Student Affairs
Simich, Alexis, Radiology
Wilson, Alice, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Woodall, Joan, Surgery

10 years of service
Abendschoen, Arlene, Orthopaedic Production Unit Billing
Barrett, Patricia, Ophthalmology
Becraft, Dorothy, Geriatric Medicine
Duncan, Della, Infectious Diseases
Gramatikova, Aneta, Oncology
Kirkhart, Patricia, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Lievers, Valerie, Clinical Practice Association
Logan, Lynn, Ophthalmology
McCoy, Lakeychia, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Missouri, Mary, Institute for Clinical Translational Research
Stack, Janice, Cardiology
Tichnell, Crystal, Cardiology
Wilson, Renee, General Internal Medicine

5 years of service
Allen, Brian, Facilities Support Services
Ayyanki, Kirankumar, General Surger
Beaudry, Mary Beth, Psychiatry

Bridges, Stacey, Nephrology
Brill, Julia, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer
Brooks, Miranda, Clinical Operations
Gamiel, Jordyn, Infectious Diseases
Green, Judith, Urology
Hawkins, Reginia, Research Sponsored Projects
Hirsch, Elaina, Psychiatry
Holt, Daniel, Radiology
Hursey, George, Facilities Support Services
Isaacs, Krista, Anesthesiology
Kim, Helen, Radiology
Lima, Sandra, General Clinical Research Center
Litzinger, Karen, Surgery
McCullough, Kereen, Infectious Diseases
McKinney, Kristin, Anesthesiology
Mears, Joan, Clinical Practice Association
Miragliuolo, Luigi, Oncology
Morgan, Wanda, Facilities Support Services
Mura, Patricia, Dermatology
Peng, Qi, Psychiatry
Puckett, Rosemary, Ophthalmology
Robinson, Victor, Clinical Practice Association
Rowley, Hannah, Institute for Clinical Translational Research
Rucker, Jasma, Cardiology
Sabatino, Edward, HEBCAC
Seeger, Teresa, Oncology
Sharp, Katie, Clinical Investigation Human Subjects
Stephens, Shawne, Endocrinology
Stine, Adam, Oncology
Stone, Jim, Neurology
Sulpar, Leslie, Pediatrics
Xiang, Yan, Physiology
Yagi, Lisa, Continuing Medical Education


5 years of service
Artemieva, Valentina, D.C. Regional Library


Waldeman, Ellen, 12 years of service, WorkLife

30 years of service
Sells, Raymond, Custodial Services

25 years of service
Alexander, Michael, Research Administration
Pratt, Suzanne, Theatre Hopkins

20 years of service
Carandang, Marietta, Alumni Relations

15 years of service
Berry, George, Data Center Services
Ostrowsky, Alla, Financial and Administrative Services
Times, Timothy, Financial and Administrative Services

10 years of service
Banks, Henri, Annual Giving
Beauchamp, Martin, Security Information Technology
Bradford-Garrett, Robin, Fixed Assets and Project Accounting
Joiner, Maria, Annual Giving
Watson, Tandrea, Fixed Assets and Project Accounting

5 years of service
Edmonds, Marvin, Custodial Services
Gibson, A.T., Investments
Jackson, Robert, Custodial Services
Jones, Dwayne, Custodial Services
Soylu, Ali, Student Information Systems
Tran, Cao Ly, Enterprise Integration Services


25 years of service
Franckowiak, Michael, Machine Shop

10 years of service
Berdann, Amy, Applied Mathematics Statistics
Spence, Gail, Biomedical Engineering