July 23, 2012

Coming soon: ‘The Hub’ for all JHU news

The words and images that tell the story of the university will soon coalesce at The Hub, an innovative and dynamic new website that will showcase in one place the most important, interesting and timely storytelling from and about Johns Hopkins.

The site, to be launched in late August by the university’s Office of Communications, will contain news, research stories, features and multimedia produced by the Office of Communications (The Gazette, Johns Hopkins Magazine, Media Relations) and other university content creators, including divisional alumni publications and media/communications offices. It will also feature stories about Johns Hopkins written by external publications, blogs and news websites.

The Hub springs from the idea that we are one university with many inspiring stories to tell,” said Glenn Bieler, vice president for communications. “Readers will find stories about the Peabody Conservatory on the same page as news from the School of Public Health, and ultimately, they’ll get a fuller picture of what Johns Hopkins is all about.”

The Hub will be updated daily to incorporate breaking news and to rotate features. Stories and videos will be grouped topically, including pages on health, science and technology, arts and culture and university news.

Readers will be able to comment on stories and share them via social media.

“The site’s design will be image-driven, with generous use of photos and other artwork,” said Dave Alexander, online editor for the Office of Communications and the site’s curator.

The Hub will be located at hub.jhu.edu, which will also become the domain for the new online homes of The Gazette (hub.jhu.edu/gazette) and Johns Hopkins Magazine (hub.jhu.edu/magazine).

More news about The Hub and its launch date will be announced later next month.