August 17, 2009

Milestones: August 2009


15 years of service

Tubman, Sheila, Center for Talented Youth

10 years of service
Juhasz, Suzanne, Center for Talented Youth
Kendzejeski, Judith, Center for Talented Youth
Pace, Julie, Center for Talented Youth


Booker, Susan, 34 years, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Jabre, Bushra, 17 years, Center for Communication Programs
Johnson, Mildred, 19 years, Facilities

20 years of service
Maffett, Michelle, Academic Affairs
Unoko, Gwendolyn, Epidemiology
Washington, Debra, Facilities

15 years of service
Gomes, George, International Health
Magtibay, Rolando, Facilities
Shegogue, Diana, International Health

10 years of service
Clemens, Kathleen, Health Behavior and Society
Milman, Konstantin, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Sheppard, Joyce, Facilities
Ward, Michael, Student Affairs

5 years of service
Cameron, Mamie, Facilities
Crouch, Keith, Information Systems
Frisancho, Jose, Environmental Health Sciences
Hughes, Michael, Environmental Health Sciences
Morris, Carolyn, Facilities
Osborne, Danette, Facilities
Roth, Kimberly, Mental Health


15 years of service
Allen, Adrienne, Student Services

10 years of service
Gilden, Susan, Information Technology


30 years of service
Kirwan, Susan, Registrar
Moscarello, V. Richard, Athletics and Recreation

25 years of service
Felder, Johnnie, Athletics and Recreation

10 years of service
Mack, Carolyn, Center for Social Concern
Somers, Marina, Student Financial Services
Von Krause-Murch, Anne, Residential Life Office

5 years of service
Castellano, Gabriel, Athletics and Recreation
Gwinn, Barbara, Student Health and Wellness Center
Torres, Matthew, Counseling Center


35 years of service
Tom, Henry, Acquisitions

25 years of service
Willmes, Karen, Marketing Domestic

10 years of service
Byrum, Myrta, Design and Production


10 years of service
Pompey, Warren, Sr., Hopkins Club
Ross, Daniel, Hopkins Club


30 years of service
Long, Charles, Chemistry

25 years of service
Evans, Ann, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Mold, David, Biology

20 years of service
Elder, Rosalie, Chemistry

15 years of service
Carmen, Pamela, Physics and Astronomy
Nechkin, Andrew, Biology

10 years of service
Andersen, Linda, Center for Social Organization of Schools
Jia, Lisa, Dean’s Office
Wieland, Theodora, Center for Social Organization of Schools

5 years of service
Husain, Michelle, Biology
Perkins, Edward, Biology
Sinha, Neeti, Biology


20 years of service
Caplan, Susan, Concert Operation

15 years of service
Faatz, Paul, Ensemble Operations

10 years of service
McLean-Rau, Jan, Student Affairs

5 years of service
Perez, Teresa, Concert Operation


Baker, Edward, Jr., 15 years, Foreign Policy Institute

20 years of service
Gutierrez, Valentin, Maintenance

15 years of service
Perez, Rolando, Facilities
Weiss, Lois, International Economics

10 years of service
McKell, Thayer, Strategic Studies
Melvin, Denise, International Reporting Project
Tillman, Martin, Career Services

5 years of service
Nagel, Katherine, Development


Brown, Yvonne, 11 years, Associate Dean’s Office


Espinas, Bernadita, 32 years, Clinical Practice Association
Ryan, Jeanne, 24 years, Continuing Medical Education

35 years of service
Bridges, Corena, Neurology
Glazer, Erika, Psychiatry
Goldthwaite, Patricia, Pathology

30 years of service
Crockett, Phyllis, Pediatric Hematology
Doggett, Joanne, Research Sponsored Projects
Dorsey, Saundra, Ophthalmology
Nori, Mary, Urology

25 years of service
Diglio, Gerardine, Dermatology
Hopkins, Sally, Psychiatry
Kuta, Sharon, Geriatrics
Lulkowski, Andrea, Basic Biomedical Sciences Institute
Means, Anthony, Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center

20 years of service
Barrett, John, Health, Safety and Environment
Brisbon, Donna, Clinical Operations
Lager, Michael, Welch Medical Library
Smith, Nancy, Otolaryngology
Towns, Marilyn, Rheumatology
Watson, James, Welch Medical Library
Wright, Maurice, Welch Medical Library

15 years of service
Lanasa, Judith, Urology
Landis, Regina, Neurology
Tucker, Darlyn, Urology
Wisniewski, Lisa, Genetics

15 years of service
Allen, Adrienne, Alumni Relations

10 years of service
Artemova, Elena, Radiology
Baker, Tonya, Outpatient Operations
Barksdale, Frank, Pathology
Barnett, Joanne, Neurology
Blucher, James, Psychiatry
Burton, Gina, Clinical Practice Association
Chen, Shaoguang, Pathology
Cutright, Kimberly, General Internal Medicine
Dunn, Thomas, Urology
Elder, Gavin, Infectious Diseases
Fornoff, Sherrie, Education and Housestaff
Helsel, Amy, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Marshall, Carol, Clinical Practice Association
Matthews-Mehl, Valerie, Oncology
Oliver, Lawrence, Facilities Support Services
Strotman, Michelle, Cardiology
Wilder, Alan, Ophthalmology
Williams, Kimberly, Internal Medicine

5 years of service
Abrams-Williams, Engle, Oncology
Adams, Tracey, Psychiatry
Akhter, Kazi, Radiology
Bernier, Faedra, General Clinical Research Center
Brandal, Stephanie, Pediatrics
Braxton, Debra, Ophthalmology
Brown, Lawrence, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Camardella, Cristiana, Neurology
Cohen, Steven, Anesthesiology
Coulter, Jonathan, Pathology
Cox, Linda, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Davis, Edward, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Easterling, Melissa, Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
Flax-Goldenberg, Renee, Radiology
Foringer, Heather, Oncology
Gebrewold, Bineyam, Radiology
Glomp, Colby, Oncology
Grantland, Joy, Immunogenetics
Harrison, Donald, Finance
Hetrick, Sarah, Immunogenetics
Jeffrey-Kwanisa, Akimosa, Pediatrics
Johnson, Laronda, Orthopedics
Kasda, Eileen, Psychiatry
Konishi, Yuko, Pathology
Kudrolli, Tarana, Urology
Lagoda, Gwen, Urology
Mason, Luke, Psychiatry
McIntyre, Emily, Oncology
Mooney, Maria, Surgery
Pace, Dodd, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Pickett, Erin, Neurology
Rea, Alexis, Genetics
Roberts, Keith, Genetics
Schaefer, Sandra, Oncology
Scott, Michalle, Otolaryngology
Serio, Wendy, Biological Chemistry
Shim, Hye Seok, Biological Chemistry
Sullivan, Nicola, Basic Biomed Sciences Institute
Veilleux, Jean, Genetics
Walters, Gayle, Research Sponsored Projects


10 years of service
Gould, Lois, Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing
Kunselman, Chris, Network Services
Rial, Amy, Community Public Health Nursing


Brockman, Brenda Joyce, 17 years, Office of the President
Dean, Gordon, 20 years, HopkinsOne
Driscoll, Mary Ann, 27 years, Office of the President
Lowres, India, 33 years, Office of the President
Purnell, Gail, 24 years, Employee and Labor Relations
Scheinberg, Denise, 10 years, HR Today
Wilt, Greg, 32 years, Office of the President

25 years of service
Bentz, John, Building Operations and Maintenance

20 years of service
Kastina, Molly, Sponsored Projects Shared Services

15 years of service
Dawson, Reginald, Central Receiving
Goh, Choon, Course Management Systems
Melchior, Keith, Telecommunications
Stanke, Matthew, Campus and Community Patrol

10 years of service
Buckner, Donna, Enterprise Business Solutions
Pallo, John, III, Information Systems
Schisler, Brian, Enterprise Web Services

5 years of service
Black, John, Faculty Staff and Retiree Programs
Dorsey, Rodney, Custodial Services
Graves, Denise, Finance
Kelm, Stephen, LAN Services
Miller, Bruce, Security Administration and Training
Muller, Stephanie, Donor Relations
Schlissler, Robert, Johns Hopkins Real Estate
Schultz, Ronald, Office of Research Information Systems
Single, William, III, Finance
Worsley, Dwain, Finance


10 years of service
Cohen, Adam, Center for Multi-functional Applique

5 years of service
Cleves, Desiree, Center for Language and Speech Processing