September 21, 2009

Security efforts increased in response to off-campus killing

The Homewood campus awoke on Tuesday, Sept. 15, to news that an intruder had been killed in the early hours of the morning at a Johns Hopkins student’s off-campus residence.

The incident followed instances of more than a half-dozen burglaries in the Charles Village area, including one reported earlier that day at the student’s residence.

In a letter on Tuesday to students, faculty and staff, Susan Boswell, dean of student life, assured the Johns Hopkins community that, in response to the recent rash of crimes, the presence of both uniformed and plainclothes Baltimore police had been increased, and that the enhanced presence would continue at least until it had been determined whether the intruder involved in the morning’s incident had been responsible for the other break-ins.

Boswell also reminded the community of steps they should take to minimize the chances of their safety being put at risk in a break-in or burglary. Specifically, she said:

First, if you ever suspect that there is a prowler in your residence or on your property, call 911 immediately. Experts advise that you do not attempt to confront the intruder but rather secure yourself in a locked area until police arrive.

Second, study carefully the crime prevention notice issued Sept. 14 by Campus Safety and Security in response to the recent burglaries. It is available online at www.jhu .edu/security/2009FA2.htm.

Also read the more detailed suggestions outlined at

Students can contact Lt. Bruce Miller at Campus Safety and Security to request an assessment of the security situation in their off-campus residences. An officer will conduct a survey and make specific recommendations for improving residents’ protection against break-ins and theft. Miller can be reached at or 410-516-4671.

Baltimore Police are investigating the Sept. 15 incident.