December 7, 2009

Snow in the forecast? Are we open? Closed?

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is calling for slightly colder weather with below-normal snowfall this winter. But whenever it does snow, you’ll be able to find out easily whether the university is open.

Chances are, it will be. The university’s policy is to remain open on a normal schedule whenever possible, both because minimizing interruptions to teaching and research is a priority and because so many university employees and students are involved in patient care.

For instant answers on snow closings and delays, go to the university’s Web page at or call the weather emergency hotline at 410-516-7781 (800-548-9004 from outside Baltimore).

Information about classes and the status of the university on snow days is usually posted to the hotline and Web by 6 a.m., with frequent updates throughout the day in the case of a major storm.

These places are better sources than your local television and radio stations. Although the university notifies Baltimore and Washington media, the stations generally do not post closings or delays as quickly as the university does, often do not have time to get through their notices from hundreds of institutions and do not include details.

The university’s hotline and Web page will include information on such specifics as outpatient clinics, APL, Peabody Prep, evening classes, shuttle bus operations, and library and recreation center closings.

Required-attendance employees should check with their supervisors to deter-mine whether they should follow snow closing and delay information or report to work.

The university’s policy on weather-related curtailment of operations is online here.