April 26, 2010

New eFax service introduced for occasional users

Telecommunications is offering a new service, eFax, which allows occasional fax users to eliminate the need for a fax machine, fax phone line and maintenance plan. The service is designed to save time and reduce expenses; the cost is $5/month per fax number.

The eFax system uses a Web-based interface for sending electronic versions of documents to another party’s fax machine. Faxes are received as e-mails with the documents attached as PDF files.

The application is recommended for occasional usage and is not intended for users or groups with high fax volumes, according to Telecommunications. It is to be used only when sending or receiving a fax is required, not when sending or receiving a regular e-mail is possible.

Upon registering for this service, users receive an eFax Web account, login ID/password and a fax number.

To subscribe to the service and/or learn more details, go to http://it.jhu.edu/restricted/telecom or contact Katrece Cobb in Telecommunications at 443-287-4663.