May 3, 2010

Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer: There’s an app for that

IPhone, iPad and Motorola Droid users can now, with the touch of a button, instantly access the Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer Office. The new free app allows anyone to easily connect to the office, which operates as the licensing arm for technologies developed by Johns Hopkins faculty and staff and links entrepreneurs and investors with cutting-edge advances in science.

It is thought to be the first such app linking users to university-based tech transfer operations.

“We try and find homes for technology,” said Wes Blakeslee, executive director of the Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer Office. “With this new app, users have quick access to what is happening at Hopkins’ tech transfer office in real time. With one touch, venture capitalists and interested licensers can connect with JHTT and learn about investment opportunities, faculty can share their latest innovations, and students can see how their research can have real-world applications.”

Johns Hopkins officials say they hope that the accessibility provided by the app will bring in new business for the office and educate more people to the vast opportunities—for education, investment and patent application assistance—available there.

The app will get its official debut today, May 3, at the BioMaryland Pavilion at the Bio International Convention in Chicago. It can be downloaded now from Apple’s App Store or from iTunes.