May 24, 2010

Calendar — May 24, 2010


Fri., June 4, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The Johns Hopkins Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center’s annual dementia conference with Clifford Jack, Mayo Clinic; Lee Shaw, University of Pennsylvania; Susan Resnick, National Institute on Aging; Juan Troncoso, JHMI; and Abhay Moghekar, JHMI. Owens Auditorium, CRB.  EB


Mon., May 24, 2:30 p.m. “Anti-Corruption and Transparency: South Korea’s Pathway to Pre-eminence in the Asia-Pacific,” a U.S-Korea Institute at SAIS discussion with Lee Jae-Oh, chairman, Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. Rome Building Auditorium.  SAIS

Tues., May 25, 10:30 a.m. “Croatia’s Role in Fostering a Euro-Atlantic Perspective for Southeastern Europe,” a SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations talk with Jadranka Kosor, prime minister of Croatia. (See “In Brief,” p. 2.) Simultaneous English translation of the prime minister’s remarks will be provided. RSVP to http://transatlantic
.htm. Kenney Auditorium, Nitze Building.  SAIS

Tues., May 25, 5:30 p.m. “Turkmenistan: A Promised Land for Business? Macroeconomic Reforms Under Berdymukhammedov,” a Central Asia-Caucasus Institute at SAIS discussion with Fulbright Visiting Research Fellow Jan Šir, Charles University in the Czech Republic. 806 Rome Building.  SAIS

Thurs., June 3, 9:30 a.m. “One Hundred Days of Yanukovych: Where Is Ukraine Heading?” a SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations discussion with Taras Kuzio, 2010 Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow. 500 Bernstein-Offit Building.  SAIS


Wed., May 26, 4:30 p.m. Medical and Biological Illustration Graduate Exhibit and Reception, featuring a display of artwork by the graduating class of the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. Turner Concourse.  EB


Mon., May 24, 8:30 a.m. “Lead: A Heavy Metal With Weighty Health Effects: A Focus on Kidney Toxicity,” Pathology Grand Rounds with Jeffrey Fadrowski, SoM. Hurd Hall.  EB


Tues., May 25, 4 p.m. The 2010 Alpha Omega Alpha Visiting Professor Lecture—“Being There for Patients” by Fred Schiffman, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Lifespan Comprehensive Cancer Center. Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins AOA Chapter. Hurd Hall, JHH.  EB


Mon., May 24, 12:15 p.m. “There is a Time and Place for Sex: On the Regulation of Sexual Development and Behavior in Drosophila,” a Carnegie Institution Embryology seminar with Bruce Baker, Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Janelia Farms. Rose Auditorium, 3520 San Martin Drive.  HW

Mon., May 24, 1:30 p.m. “Image-Based Modeling of Cardiac Function: Toward Patient-Specific Applications,” a Biomedical Engineering seminar with Fijoy Vadakkumpadan, WSE. 110 Clark. HW (Videoteleconferenced to 709 Traylor.  EB)

Mon., May 24, 4 p.m. The David Bodian Seminar—“Functional Organization of Cortical Microcircuits” with Andreas Tolias, Baylor College of Medicine. Sponsored by the Krieger Mind/Brain Institute. 338 Krieger.  HW

Tues., May 25, 9 a.m. “The Dynamic N-Terminal Arm of Fis1 Regulates Mitochondrial Fission,” a Biology thesis defense seminar with Lora Picton. 100 Mudd.  HW

Tues., May 25, 10 a.m. “Pseudolikelihood Methods: Theory and Its Application in Genetic Epidemiology,” a Biostatistics thesis defense seminar with Yong Chen. W2030 SPH.  EB

Tues., May 25, noon. “Androgens, Androgen Action and the Pathogenesis of Prostate Cancer,” a Biological Chemistry seminar with William Nelson, SoM. 612 Physiology.  EB

Tues., May 25, 5 p.m. “Conflicted Islamisms: Determinants of Policy Divergence Among Pakistani Islamist Parties,” a SAIS PhD Studies Program dissertation defense by Joshua White. 736 Bernstein-Offit Building.  SAIS

Wed., May 26, 9 a.m. “Building State Failure in Timor-Leste: Patterns of Political Competition and Constraints to Private Sector Development (1999–2006),” a SAIS PhD Studies Program dissertation defense by Ellen Psychas. 806 Rome Building.  SAIS

Wed., May 26, 4 p.m. “On de novo Purine Biosynthesis: The Purinosome,” a Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences seminar with Stephen Benkovic, Pennsylvania State University. West Lecture Hall (ground floor), WBSB.  EB

Thurs., May 27, 5 to 7 p.m. “God as Causa Sui and Created Truth in Descartes,” an Evolution, Cognition and Culture Project seminar with Tad Schmaltz, Duke University. Co-sponsored by Philosophy. 102A Dell House.  HW

Fri., May 28, 1:30 p.m. “Reconstitution of mRNA Recruitment to the Eukaryotic Ribosome,” a Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry thesis defense seminar with Sarah Mitchell. 517 PCTB.  EB

Tues., June 1, noon. “Mechanisms for Specificity in the Control of Gene Expression and Synaptic Function,” a Biological Chemistry seminar with Mollie Meffert, SoM. 612 Physiology.  EB

Tues., June 1, 4 p.m. “Endogenous Small RNAs in the Drosophila soma,” a Carnegie Institution Embryology seminar with Megha Ghildiyal, University of Massachusetts Medical School. Rose Auditorium, 3520 San Martin Drive.  HW

Wed., June 2, 4 p.m. “Understanding the Nature of HIV-1 Persistence in Individuals on Suppressive Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy,” a Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences thesis defense seminar with Jason Dinoso. 303 WBSB.  EB

Thurs., June 3, 1 p.m. “Overcoming Knowledge Gaps in Translational Research for Aortic Aneurysm Disease Therapies,” a Graduate Training Program in Clinical Investigation thesis defense seminar with Benjamin Brooke. E2527 SPH.  EB


Wed., May 26, 6:30 p.m. “The Silver Screen: Hearst Castle and Hollywood,” an illustrated lecture by Victoria Kastner, Hearst Castle historian. Sponsored by Johns Hopkins University Museums. Advance reservations requested; call 410-516-0341 or purchase online at $20 general admission; $15 for museum members and full-time students with ID. Evergreen Museum & Library.

University commencement, convocation and graduation ceremonies. (See story, p. 1.)

Mon., May 24, 6 p.m. Carey Business School Graduation Ceremony; Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

Wed., May 26, 4 p.m. Bloomberg School of Public Health Convocation Ceremony; Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

Wed., May 26, 7 p.m. Whiting School of Engineering Graduate Ceremony; Homewood Field.  HW

Thurs., May 27, 8:40 a.m. Universitywide Commencement; Homewood Field.  HW

Thurs., May 27, 2:30 p.m. School of Medicine Convocation; Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

Thurs., May 27, 3 p.m. SAIS Graduation; DAR Constitution Hall.

Thurs., May 27, 4 p.m. School of Nursing Diploma and Award Ceremony; Hippodrome Theatre.

Thurs., May 27, 7:30 p.m. Peabody Conservatory of Music Graduation Ceremony; Friedberg Hall.  Peabody

Thurs., May 27, 7:30 p.m. School of Education Diploma Ceremony; Homewood Field.  HW

Fri., May 28, 10 a.m. Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Master’s Degree Ceremony; Homewood Field.  HW

Wed., June 2, 6 to 8 p.m. An Evening of Traditional Beverages—Baltimore Beer, with Baltimore Sun columnist and beer historian Rob Kasper. (See story, p. 3.) $30 for Homewood Museum members, $40 for nonmembers (must be 21 or over). Registration required; call 410-516-5589. Sponsored by Johns Hopkins University Museums, the Wine Source, Alizée Boutique Bistro and Wine Bar and 88.1 WYPR-FM. Proceeds will benefit Homewood Museum preservation projects. Homewood Museum.  HW

Sun., June 6, 3 to 5 p.m. Peabody Preparatory Awards Ceremony. For more information, call 410-234-4800. Friedberg Hall.  Peabody

Mon., June 7, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Johns Hopkins Nursing Visitor’s Week (continues through June 11), a chance for nursing students, practicing nurses, nurse educators or nurse leaders to learn about the health care institution, network with colleagues, participate in both didactic and observational sessions, interact with nurses in classroom and clinical settings and learn about nursing research, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, patient safety, shared governance and peer review. Sponsored by the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing. Cost is $250. For more information, call 443-287-4745 or e-mail SoN and JHH.  EB


Mon., May 24, 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Second Annual Safar Symposium—Life and Death in the ICU: Ethical Treatment in 2010 with keynote speaker Mitchell Levy, Brown Medical School and Rhode Island Hospital. Asthma and Allergy Center Auditorium.  Bayview