August 30, 2010

New cohort of Chinese doctoral students arrives at JHU Nursing

Five doctoral students from China’s Peking Union Medical College will be studying at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing this fall, making up the fourth cohort in a doctoral program partnership that in 2008 resulted in the first nurse PhD graduate from a Chinese University.

“In addition to advancing their dissertation work, the students engage in many clinical and teaching observations that allow them to compare the U.S. and Chinese health care systems and higher education in nursing,” said associate professor Marie Nolan, director of the JHUSON-PUMC Program Partnership and chair of the school’s Department of Acute and Chronic Care. The collaboration also affords the Chinese students an opportunity to develop relationships with faculty mentors that often evolve into collaborative research after they graduate.

The program, funded by the China Medical Board of New York, was established in 2004 with the goal of bringing China and its health care system an internationally recognized, doctoral-level model for Chinese nursing education. To date, 18 students have participated.