September 27, 2010

Notices — September 27, 2010

JHU Financial Education Seminar Series — JHU has partnered with TIAA-CREF to host a complimentary Financial Education Seminar series designed for employees across the JHU campuses. The sessions will focus on how to use the university’s retirement plans to reach savings goals and manage long-term investments through a volatile market. The series is designed to provide participants with simple strategies to prepare for their financial future, no matter where they are in their lives and careers. The seminars will be offered from September to December across many JHU campuses. Employees wanting to participate can sign up for one, two or all three seminars. Each month from October to December, JHU will give away two iPads to seminar participants and one iPad to a participant from the JHU department with the highest overall attendance.

Sign up at and learn about the specific seminar times, locations and dates. Participants will also have the option to set up a one-on-one counseling session with a provider.

Here’s a quick look at the three seminars in the series:

• JHU Retirement 101—JHU retirement plans, investment options, applicable fees and strategies for building a portfolio customized to an individual’s retirement goals. Sign up at

• Staying on Track in a Volatile Market—An overview of the impact of recent economic trends and investment strategies to help target long-term retirement goals. Sign up at

• Life Stages Seminars—How to fine-tune your retirement strategy, whatever your risk tolerance and time until retirement. The seminars, targeted by age, are Save for Tomorrow, Start Today (early career), Are You on Target? (mid-career) and Ready, Set, Retire (pre-retirement). Sign up at