December 13, 2010

Peabody musicians play to raise funds for Baltimore students

Three student groups from the Peabody Conservatory—Brassivity, C Street Brass and Contrafunktus VII—performed on Thursday at Applause for a Cause, an annual event that raises money to buy instruments for Baltimore schoolchildren. The event took place at An die Musik.

“In addition to being a unique performance opportunity for students from Peabody, Applause for a Cause engages the community in a collaborative effort to support a cause that enriches lives,” said graduate trumpet student Matt Kitzen-Abelson, a member of Contrafunktus VII. “We’re happy to do this because we want these kids to have the same opportunities that music has allowed us to enjoy.”

All proceeds will go toward the purchase of musical instruments for students from Baltimore City middle and high schools who participate in Tuned-In, a program of the Peabody Preparatory. Through Tuned-In, talented young musicians from families with limited financial resources receive full scholarships for private lessons, ensemble playing and other activities.