January 3, 2011

End-of-year thank you video debuts on university homepage

By the end of Tuesday, its first day on the university’s home page, the Johns Hopkins end-of-year thank you video had captured more than 10,000 visitors, who viewed the video, behind-the-scenes photos and outtakes (yes, that is Nobel laureate Peter Agre warming up by singing the periodic table) and checked out the Gilbert and Sullivan–like lyrics.

The video, dubbed The Model of a Modern University, was produced for the second year by the university’s Office of Marketing and Creative Services. Faculty, staff and students from all divisions took part in the production, hamming it up and lip-syncing the complicated lyrics. They all “sounded” great, thanks to the vocals provided by members of Peabody’s Opera Department.

To see the video—and weigh in on Facebook or Twitter—go to modeluniversity.jhu.edu.