May 16, 2011

Butterflies are free

Photo: Larry Canner

Reminding guests that Monarch butterflies migrate thousands of miles ‘and are welcomed wherever they go,’ university and Berman Institute of Bioethics leaders released four dozen of the ‘Danaus plexippus’ with the hope that the work done at the institute ‘will find similar reception around the globe.’ The butterflies took flight serenaded by members of Johns Hopkins’ Unified Voices performing Natalie Merchant’s ‘Kind and Generous’ in celebration of the opening of the institute’s new home, Deering Hall, on May 11. From the left are Tony Deering; Nancy Kass, deputy director for Public Health at the institute; Katherine Newman (obscured), dean of the Krieger School; Lynn Deering; Jeremy Sugarman, the institute’s deputy director for Medicine; and, behind them, members of the Unified Voices choir.