July 5, 2011

JHM International elects Kersey chairman of board

Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the international arm of Johns Hopkins Medicine, has elected Christopher W. Kersey to become its new chairman of the board.

Kersey is managing member of Camden Partners, a Baltimore-based private equity firm. He has been serving on the boards of trustees of Johns Hopkins Medicine and The Johns Hopkins Hospital since July 2010. His international experience includes work with Sumitomo Biosciences in Japan and the U.S. Agency for International Development in the former Soviet Union (the Republic of Georgia) as well as research fellowships focusing on the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and on Sweden-based Telefon LM AB Ericsson’s market entry into China.

Kersey received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University, his MBA from the Harvard Business School and his medical degree summa cum laude from the Emory University School of Medicine. In 1996, he attained the distinction of becoming one of the first individuals in history to be accepted in the same year into the residency program of Harvard Medical School as well as both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School.