July 18, 2011

Milestones — July 18, 2011


15 years of service

Rosenberger, Wilma, Johns Hopkins University Press


10 years of service

Catlos, Alicia, Johns Hopkins University Press

Dowding, Samuel, Jhpiego


5 years of service

Ferrier, Robin, Marketing, Public Relations and Legislative Affairs

Fisher, Joshu, Center for Talented Youth

Fisher, Sherry, Information Technology

Kreger, Kimberly, Bioethics Institute



30 years of service

Belt, Patricia, Epidemiology


15 years of service

Lauredent, Elsie, Center for Communication Programs

Zheng, Qing, Mental Health


10 years of service

Bazzetta, Stephen, Student Affairs

Doradea, Salvador, Facilities

Goods, Melanie, Human Resources

Hastings, Ranelda, International Health

Jackson, Darlene, Environmental Health Sciences

Nicotera, Leslie, Student Affairs

Salem, Ruwaida, Center for Communication Programs


5 years of service

Gawad, Amy, Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Gooding, Ira, Center for Teaching and Learning With Technology

Koenker, Hannah, Center for Communication Programs

Ruffin, Jacqueline, Facilities

Sanderson, Kathryn, International Health

Sheffield-Hunt, Kristin, International Health

Taylor, Millinda, Environmental Health Sciences



15 years of service

Edmond-Rosenberg, Irene, MBA Programs


5 years of service

Davies, Kelly, Plant Operations



30 years of service

Joffe, Alain, Student Health and Wellness Center


10 years of service

Pappas, Cornelia, Student Health and Wellness Center


5 years of service

Al Naber, Jennifer,  Residential Life

Roberts, Wanda, Undergraduate Admissions



25 years of service

Aranow, Ruth, Academic Advising


20 years of service

Ball, Gregory, Office of the Dean

Hatem, Christine, Biophysics

Miller, Virginia, Classics


10 years of service

Hao, Lei, Mind/Brain Institute

Jones, Danny, Center for Social Organization of Schools

Muskauski, Linda, Center for Social Organization of Schools


5 years of service

Damjanovic, Ana, Biophysics

Foltz, Nancy, Sociology

Lerner, Kenneth, Center for Social Organization of Schools

Luperchio, Daniel, Development

Roskovich, Christina, Center for Social Organization of Schools



20 years of service

Stewart, Carolee, Preparatory



30 years of service

Martin, Gail, Bologna Center


20 years of service

Tobin, Ann, European Studies


10 years of service

Keller, Jonathan, Nanjing Center




Jakubowski, Judith, 13 years of service, Clinical Practice Association

Valenti, Laurel, 11 years of service, Urology

Wilczek, Kenneth, 14 years of service, Clinical Practice Association


40 years of service

Kearney, Carlita, Continuing Medical Education


35 years of service

Metcalf, Spring, Cardiology


25 years of service

Dubs, Frederick, Pathology

Edwards, Betty, Oncology

Lamartina, Sandra, Clinical Practice Association

Lee, Veronica, Animal Services

Pasko, Deborah, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Bayview

Smith, Barbara, Biological Chemistry

Tabeling, Lisa, Pediatrics

Yazvac, Peggy, Neurology


20 years of service

Dumas, Ronald, Facilities

Hornberger, Jaymie, Human Resources

Muscelli, Sandra, Institute of Genetic Medicine

Sebour, Richard, Jr., Facilities

Wright, Andrea, Urology


15 years of service

Cannon, Tammi, Clinical Practice Association

Citro, Kathleen, Cardiology

Dorsey, Kathleen, Molecular Biology and Genetics

Herring, Janice, Ophthalmology

Jones, Audrey, Neurosurgery

Lindemann, Michael, Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Most, Pamela, Pathology

Portera, Barbara, Ophthalmology

Robinson, Fay, Clinical Practice Association

Spera, Dianne, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Stanfield, Heretta, Ophthalmology

Talley, Tray, Clinical Practice Association

Voelker, Gail, Oncology

Williams, Patricia, Pediatrics


10 years of service

Chesner, Denise, Gastroenterology

Chesterton, Kevin, Immunogenetics

Graves, Knicole, Research Animal Resources

Hilliard, Lee, Institute of Genetic Medicine

Klicos, Constance, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Lemmon, Cynthia, Cardiology

Lichter-Mason, Leslie, Graduate Affairs

McClamy, Keisha, Pathology

Mehl, Mary, Surgery

Meissinger, Lisa, Chemical Dependency

Morgan, Frederick, Health, Safety and Environment

Mosbruger, Timothy, Oncology

Parkinson, Marylyn, Pediatrics

Pennington, Connie, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Skinner, Janice, Oncology

Stottlemyer, Sabrina, Pulmonary

Tyler, Marvin, Facilities

Zhou, Weibo, Neuroscience


5 years of service

Azzaro, Lisa, Ophthalmology

Boldin, Tiffany, Gastroenterology

Boston, Towanda, HEBCAC

Cheng, Yulan, Gastroenterology

Cook, Kathleen, Health, Safety and Environment

Cox-Miller, Kathleen, Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Croy, Tiffany, Cardiology

Dunbar, Andrea, Occupational Health

Engel, Lauren, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Hertkorn, Kathleen, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Jones-Sims, Terra, Financial Aid Office

Mills, Yoobin, Psychiatry, Bayview

Morris, Kerry, Pathology

Newkirk, Katherine, Infectious Diseases

Pope, Ajaye, Infectious Diseases

Preller, Francis, III, Pediatrics

Rafaels, Nicholas, Clinical Immunology

Rowlette, Devin, Facilities

Saleh, Masoumeh, Neuroscience

Shabazz, Malika, Facilities

Shane, Ruth, Pathology

Singh, Sandeep, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Taylor, Wan-Fang, Clinical Practice Association

Thomas, Norma, Facilities

Tsai, John, Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Verduzco, Guillermo, Jr., Psychiatry

Weddington, Kaye, Cardiology

Whitner, Onya, Pediatrics

Winship, Kimberly, Pediatrics

Wright, Christian, Research Animal Resources

Yang, Jian, Gastroenterology



15 years of service

Kimball, Amy, Sheridan Libraries


10 years of service

Patton, Mark, Sheridan Libraries



20 years of service

Flournoy, Don, Supply Chain Shared Services


15 years of service

Kibler, George, Security Services

Koch, Ann, Development and Alumni Relations

Montero, Ana, Enterprise Applications

Perrone, Debora, Development and Alumni Relations


10 years of service

Diven, Kinta, Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Hummel, Lani, Development and Alumni Relations

Keys, Ronald, Facilities

Kravchenko, Sergey, Development and Alumni Relations

Kyle, William, Office of Chief Networking Officer

Ruth, Shirley, Johns Hopkins Club

Thurbon, Charlene, Office of the Chief, Enterprise Technology Services

5 years of service

Burdman, Helen, Enterprise Applications

Charles, Patricia, Facilities

Dixon, Erica, Development and Alumni Relations

Eicher, Michael, Development and Alumni Relations

Fleischer, Louis, Controller

Jarkov, Alice, Office of the Chief, Enterprise Technology Services

Mitchell, Eileen, Facilities

Njai, Ibrahim, Office of Chief Networking Officer

Rentschler, Andrew, Development and Alumni Relations

Robinson, Keith, Johns Hopkins Club

Shaughnessy, Vincent, Controller

Steinbugl, James, Investment Management

Thompson, Patricia, Controller



20 years of service

Weaver, Marguerite, Materials Science and Engineering


10 years of service

Spiller, Robert, Development and Alumni Relations


5 years of service

Cheng, William, Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center

Johnson, Christie, Institute for NanoBioTechnology