August 29, 2011

School of Nursing announces two new ‘arrivals’

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing is adding a couple of branches to its virtual family tree this fall as it welcomes SimNewB and Sim Man 3G to its simulation manikin family.

“The use of simulation in nursing education is increasing, and Johns Hopkins is at the forefront of utilizing it,” said Joyce Vazzano, an instructor in the Department of Acute and Chronic Care. “We are increasing the amount of simulation being used in our nursing curriculum, both baccalaureate and graduate, so the need for more manikins is evident.”

SimNewB is an interactive simulator “born” by Laerdal and the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is a 7-pound, 21-inch female baby with realistic newborn traits. Students will be able to simulate a wide variety of patient conditions with her, including life-threatening ones. The department’s current Sim baby is the size of a 6-month-old and is not as conducive to delivery room procedures.

Both manikins are interactive, but unlike SimNewB, Sim Man 3G is wireless. It is equipped with breath sounds both anteriorly and posteriorly, and has pupil reactions and skin temperature changes.

SimNewB’s addition is partially supported by a $27,000 grant from the Women’s Board of The Johns Hopkins Hospital to the School of Nursing Maternal Child Health Program. Sim Man 3G is coming via a Needs Based Grad Education II grant.

“We are excited about both our new additions,” Vazzano said. “Through simulation, we feel that team dynamics improve as students learn to communicate with the patient, family members and health care team; they refine their critical thinking skills; and they increase their confidence levels. It facilitates practice in a risk-free environment, and hopefully will help improve patient outcomes.”