September 26, 2011

Clifton Taulbert kicks off intro of new high school curriculum

More than 200 students and teachers from the Baltimore Talent Development High School, along with 40 students from March Middle School and Baltimore Civitas School, will visit the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus on Tuesday, Sept. 27, for an inspirational talk, “Making the Impossible Possible,” by Clifton Taulbert, an international best-selling author and entrepreneur.

The event marks the kick-off at BTDHS of a new interactive curriculum developed by Taulbert, the Eli Company and the Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City. The course work is based on Taulbert’s book Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored, the story of his childhood in the Jim Crow–segregated Mississippi Delta.

BTDHS students will be among the first to use the new elective course, which is designed to help young people, despite challenging circumstances, think like entrepreneurs. The high school is an “innovation school” run in partnership by the Baltimore City Public Schools and Johns Hopkins’ Center for Social Organization of Schools. CSOS operates both March Middle School and Baltimore Civitas School.