October 3, 2011

Notices — October 3, 2011

Fall Financial Education Seminars — In conjunction with TIAA-CREF, Johns Hopkins Human Resources is offering five new retirement seminars beginning this month and continuing through December.

The seminars, to be held at numerous campus locations, are:

• Johns Hopkins University Retirement 101: Annual Update 2011 highlights the benefits of the retirement plan, general retirement planning principles and the importance of investing as much as possible now to achieve future financial goals.

• Managing Your Retirement Plan Through a Yearly Review discusses how to monitor retirement savings—review allocations, check risk tolerance and ensure that beneficiary designations are up-to-date. Topics include target date funds and creating a portfolio tailored to an individual’s financial situation. The seminar also provides links to retirement planning tools and calculators that enable users to assess the progress of their investments and savings.

• Understanding the Language of Retirement and Investing focuses on knowing the basic terminology used in retirement planning and highlights key features of Johns Hopkins’ retirement plans. Other topics are the difference between employer and employee contributions, a look at the retirement plans’ investment menu, investment fees that can affect long-term returns and sources of information about creating a personalized retirement portfolio.

• Charting Your Financial Course: A Guide for Women focuses on the unique challenges women face when saving for retirement, including how to create a budget, establish investment goals and make their money work for them. Also discussed are financial planning strategies for single women and the art of building a financial plan suited to individual investment needs.

• What You Need to Know About IRAs will help define individual retirement accounts, highlight the differences between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA and their unique tax advantages, define Roth IRA conversions and show how to use an IRA to meet estate planning goals.

Seminar times, locations and dates, as well as sign-up information, are online at events.signup4.com/JHU.