October 17, 2011

Free security/safety inspections offered near Homewood

As a crime prevention and safety measure, Homewood Campus Safety and Security is offering free home security inspections to students, faculty and staff living in neighborhoods contiguous to the Homewood campus.

Edmund Skrodzki, executive director of Campus Safety and Security, said that the service is being provided in order to enhance security awareness to make living off-campus safer and less worrisome.

University officers, he said, will inspect windows, doors and locks; assess exterior lighting; check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; inspect shrubbery to minimize concealment opportunities for criminals; and explain city ordinances pertaining to trash and noise.

During the visits, they also will continue to emphasize the importance of residents’ taking proactive security measures such as locking windows and doors and removing valuables from plain view.

“Crime prevention is only successful if there is a partnership with the community and police/campus security,” Skrodzki said. “It is a shared responsibility.”

For an appointment, contact Lt. Bruce Miller at bmille45@jhu.edu or 410-516-4671.