December 12, 2011

East Baltimore Community School to receive funding for library

The East Baltimore Community School, run by Johns Hopkins in partnership with Morgan State University, was announced last week as one of four recipients of funding from the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation’s Baltimore Elementary/Middle School Library Project.

The multimillion dollar, multiyear initiative, which involves more than 15 community and government partners, will work with Baltimore City Public Schools to design, build, equip and staff new or renovated libraries in selected schools where existing public funding can be leveraged. The foundation is committed to providing up to $1 million in the first year of the project, with direct and in-kind contributions of the partners bringing the total to $3.78 million.

According to the Weinberg Foundation, each school will feature new equipment, reading materials and furniture, including e-readers, a bank of computers and a “parenting corner,” where parents and guardians can share time with their children.