January 9, 2012

Mediation program to resolve workplace conflicts is launched

The university has introduced a voluntary mediation process to eligible staff as a form of alternative dispute resolution to resolve workplace conflicts. The program aims to bring people together with trained mediators in an informal setting to enhance communication and understanding.

Examples of conflicts are communication problems with a supervisor or co-worker, a disagreement of how things should be done or frustration that your input is being ignored.

The program’s mediators—trained university staff who volunteer their time—help identify the issues that need to be resolved, generate alternatives for resolution, pinpoint areas of agreement and, if participants desire, help create a written agreement of their proposed resolution agreement. The sessions are held in a private and neutral setting.

Johns Hopkins has previously offered mediation services but not in a structured and universitywide program. To learn more or to request a session, go to mediation.jhu.edu or contact mediation@jhu.edu.