February 20, 2012

Changes coming to Keswick-JHMI and JHMI shuttles

Some minor changes to the JHMI Shuttle and Keswick-JHMI Shuttle are about to go into effect. On Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 25 and Feb. 26, the JHMI stop for the Homewood-JHMI Shuttle will be temporarily relocated to the corner of Broadway and Monument streets; buses will not stop at Rutland and Washington streets during what has been described as a trial period.

Effective Monday, Feb. 27, the JHMI stop for the Keswick-JHMI Shuttle will move from the corner of Wolfe and Monument streets to the corner of Washington and Monument streets, directly south of the JHMI Shuttle stop. In addition, the Keswick-JHMI Shuttle will stop at the Stieff Building, 810 Wyman Park Drive.