May 21, 2012

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members are retiring or celebrating an anniversary with the university in May 2012. The information is compiled by the Office of Work, Life and Engagement, 443-997-7000.


20 years of service

Fogarty, Linda, Jhpiego

15 years of service

Benamor, Linda, Jhpiego

10 years of service

Wingenroth, Brian, Johns Hopkins University Press

5 years of service

Edmonds, Linda, Johns Hopkins University Press

Orr, Kathryn, Johns Hopkins University Press

Reis, Veronica, Jhpiego

Rivera Hoyt, Raquel, Center for Talented Youth



25 years of service

Aaron, Nicole, Health Policy and Management

15 years of service

Beisser, Mark, Center for Communication Programs

McCray, Rhonda, Health Policy and Management

10 years of service

Cirko, Andrew, Information Systems

Colison, Carri, Financial Operations

Warner, Sharon, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

5 years of service

Benjira, Tarik, Center for Communication Programs

Frank, Kathleen, Center for Communication Programs

Fresia, Anne, Office of Research Subjects

Holupka, Charles Scott, Finance

Pare, Nicole, International Health

Schuh, Roderick, Information Systems

Thorne, Julie, Epidemiology

Torrey, Christine, Environmental Health Sciences

Wilson, Buffy, International Health



30 years of service

Kerner, Nancy, Office of the Dean




Basener, Anne, 20 years of service, Psychiatry

Castronova, Jeannette, 49 years of service, Ophthalmology

30 years of service

Mackenzie, Nancy, Pediatrics

Reese, Rhonda, Institute of Genetic Medicine

25 years of service

Bohan, Eileen, Neurosurgery

Cosgriff, Rosalie, Cardiology

Mason, Freda, Radiation Oncology

20 years of service

Aman, Terry, Pathology

Fuller, Gregory, Emergency Medicine

Miller, Marsha, Physiology

Summerfield, Gloria, Neurosurgery

15 years of service

Belschner, Shirley, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Bryant, Renee, Molecular Biology and Genetics

Han, Wan, Neuroscience

Keyes, Barbara, Orthopaedics

Lynch Baker, Kim, Clinical Practice Association

Peck, Laurel, Molecular Biology and Genetics

Stallings, Sandra, Dermatology

Tobias, Susan, Infectious Diseases

Woodson, Sue, Welch Medical Library

10 years of service

Anikas, Robin, General Administration, Billing

Anthony, Regina, University Health Service

Bogdan, Virginia, Cardiology

Breton, Elayne, Cardiology

Burwell, Lisa, Neurology, Bayview

Duren, Tiffany, Psychiatry, Bayview

Elder, Edith, Marketing and Communication

Ey, Emma, Registrar’s Office

Gambichler, Bonnie, Pathology

Greco, Regina, Rheumatology, Bayview

Humphrey-Carothers, Frances, Health, Safety and Environment

Johnson, Dynishie, III, Research Animal Resources

Johnson, Johnny, Facilities

Johnson, Nicole, Cardiology

Joyner, Priscilla, Facilities

Largent, Tina, Oncology

Mikula, Judy, Human Subjects Research

Mrozowski, Susan, Academic Computing

Ongaco, Chrissie, Institute of Genetic Medicine

Solt, Sara, Oncology

Spencer, Penny, Pathology

Stewart, Sheemia, Oncology

Tucker, Charlotte, Surgery

Wilsbach, Kathleen, Pathology

Yoritomo, Nadine, Psychiatry

5 years of service


Aidam, Jude, Pulmonary

Albright, Kristie, Neurology

Carter, Patricia, Cardiology

Cooper, Tonya, Neurosurgery

Damico, Diane, Ophthalmology

Foltz, Jessica, Radiology

Frazier, Shantia, Orthopaedics

Gottschalk, Barbara, Otolaryngology

Hill, Elaine, Pediatrics

Hill, Wanda, Radiology

Huntley, Bruce, Emergency Medicine

Jones, Timothy, Facilities

Khan, Humera, Pathology

Lee, Eric, Graduate Student Affairs

Lohoski, Stacey, General Internal Medicine

Perper, Barry, Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Bayview

Rattray, Nadine, Pulmonary

Roberts, Lisa, General Internal Medicine, Bayview

Smetzer, Bradley, Facilities

Suggs, Angela, General Administration, Clinical Operations

Tomaselli, Charlene, Radiology

Webb, Amanda, Research Animal Resources



15 years of service

Smaw, Brenda, Community/Public Health Nursing

5 years of service

Jones, Emily, Network Services



20 years of service

Osmeyer, Shawn, Sheridan Libraries

15 years of service

Matthews, Janet, Sheridan Libraries

10 years of service

Hourticolon, Gabriele, Sheridan Libraries




Ciufo, Marilyn, 18 years of service, Controller

Trombetta, Rose, 13 years of service, Controller

45 years of service

McKinney, Roy, Facilities

35 years of service

Gallant Britton, Lydia, Development and Alumni Services

Layton, Mary, Office of the Chief Enterprise Technology Services

Winston, Kevin, Supply Chain Shared Service

30 years of service

Stafford, John, Facilities

25 years of service

Hoy, William, Jr., Communications and Public Affairs

15 years of service

Wingate-Gaiser, Diana, Controller

Wisniewski, Melissa, Office of the Chief, Enterprise Technology Services

10 years of service

Cox, Joseph, Enterprise Applications

Mackey, Sharon, Facilities

Marek, Elizabeth, Controller

5 years of service

Abraham, Richard, Facilities

Fu, Miriam, HR Shared Services

Godowsky, Christopher, Office of the Chief Networking Officer

Stern, Ella, Enterprise Applications



5 years of service

Blake, Robert, Institute for Computational Medicine

Martin, Justin, Center for Language and Speech Processing

Thomas, Javonnia, Computer Science