June 25, 2012

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members are retiring or celebrating an anniversary with the university in June 2012. The information is compiled by the Office of Work, Life and Engagement, 443-997-7000.


20 years of service

Armstead, Stacey, Sr., Johns Hopkins University Press

Lacoste, Maryjane, Jhpiego


10 years of service

Carroll, Michael, Johns Hopkins University Press

Gochenour, Kathleen, Johns Hopkins University Press

Mancuso, Leslie, Jhpiego


5 years of service

Alvarado-Haskins, Paola, Center for Talented Youth

Cogswell, Devin, Center for Talented Youth

Jackson, Dwayne, Center for Talented Youth




Blizor, Marie, 13 years, Institute for Policy Studies


25 years of service

Lettenmaier, Cheryl, Center for Communication Programs

Steuernagle, Karen, Epidemiology

Whittaker, Malcolm, Facilities


15 years of service

Dallas, Jean, Center for American Indian Health

Yang, Jiong, Biostatistics


10 years of service

Dodds, Elgerthia, Center for Communication Programs

Meyerer, Mark, Epidemiology

Prammawat, Sirikarn, Epidemiology

Supan, Victorino, Health, Behavior and Society


5 years of service

Adney, Jerome, Support Services

Alchesay, Melanie, Center for American Indian Health

Carn, Janet, Master of Public Health

Koimur, Edna, Financial Operations

Myers, Kimberly, Human Resources

Sessions, Chanell, Epidemiology

Stevens, David, Environmental Health Sciences

Tortice, Iralene, Center for American Indian Health



5 years of service

Dean, Denise, Admissions

Hafner, Emily, Development and External Affairs



25 years of service

Mohr, H., Housing and Dining Services


20 years of service

Arrindell, Nicholas, International Student and Scholar Services


5 years of service

Reid, Ikeisha, Housing and Dining Services




Fliegel, Constance, 22 years, Physics and Astronomy


10 years of service

Britt, Erdeen, Center for Social Organization of Schools

Qualls, Anna, Office of the Dean


5 years of service

Gillespie, Bruce, Physics and Astronomy



10 years of service

Wadyka, Barbara, Finance Administration


5 years of service

Dennis, Paul, External Relations

Wilson, Sandra, Preparatory




Einhorn, Jessica, 10 years, Office of the Dean




Has, Denise, 32 years, Facilities


35 years of service

Kowalczyk, Halina, Orthopaedics

Long, Kathleen, Office of the Dean


30 years of service

Hebden, Bonnie, Rheumatology, Bayview

Kozlowski, Lori, Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Martin, Zenaida, Pathology

Whitfield, Michele, Dermatology


25 years of service

Clark, Michelle, Cell Biology

Dailey, Margaret, Surgery

Heaggans, Sarah, Oncology

Holbrook, Ruthann, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Malak, Irena, Immunogenetics

Shock, Susan, General Administration (Chairman’s Office), Bayview

Tracey, Rick, Pathology


20 years of service

Blanchard, Levelle, Institute of Genetic Medicine

Brown, Sharron, Clinical Practice Association

Clark Smith, Wanda, Radiation Oncology

Dean Price, Marylisa, Finance Business Office

Ennis, Diana-Lee, Office of the Dean

Hahn, Lisa, Facilities

Holcomb, Jennifer, Surgery

Kane, James, Ophthalmology

Marosy, Beth, Institute of Genetic Medicine

Morin, Cynthia, Oncology

Price, Scott, Facilities

Williams, Matthew, Infectious Diseases


15 years of service

Cunningham, Anita, Graduate Student Affairs

Dukes, Joyce, Clinical Practice Association

Gerwig, John, Infectious Diseases

Grode, Ann, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Harris, Laura, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Hodak, Jacqueline, Clinical Practice Association

Jones, Carolyn, General Administration, Clinical Operations

Jones, Sherry, Otolaryngology

Krieger, Barbara, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

McCracken, Tracy, Research Administration

Mohr, David, Institute of Genetic Medicine

Moses, Wanda, Neurosurgery

Myers, Lee, Radiation Oncology

Parish, Michelle, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Seifert, Kimberly, Plastic Surgery


10 years of service

Blanchfield, Laura, Neurosurgery

Cottrell, Tracy, Neurology

Figueroa, Stephanie, Emergency Medicine

Haile, Azeb, Orthopaedics

Harris, Tracy, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Lane, Kelly, Psychiatry

Norrell, Anna, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Odum, Sheila, Cardiology

Pan, Weiying, Health, Safety and Environment

Roesler, Carey, Orthopaedics

Schatz, Linda, Orthopaedics

Scott, Marquititus, General Administration, Clinical Operations

Speck, Kathleen, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Teslow, Terrance, Radiation Oncology

Underland, Patricia, Pediatrics

Warrington, Amber, Oncology


5 years of service

Boyce, Danielle, Pulmonary

Brown, Jack, Radiology

Chen, Ya, Pediatrics

DuVal, Anna, Pediatrics

Grant, Carolann, Neurosurgery

Henderson, Sharon, Psychiatry

Ilk, Sarah, Psychiatry

Laiko, Marina, Oncology

Livingston, Alison, Ophthalmology

Oveson, Brian, Ophthalmology

Rifat, Dalin, Infectious Diseases

Rush, Denise, Immunogenetics

Shives, Judy, Occupational Health

Tate, Adrienne, Ophthalmology

Vanderhoff, Jessica, Psychiatry

Warsaw, Maisha, Dermatology

Williams, Kimberly, Clinical Practice Association

Wong, Fai Tat, Welch Medical Library

Xu, Xiaoqiang, Psychiatry



15 years of service

Yeager, Jennifer, Special Events and AV




Young, James, 24 years of service, Facilities


25 years of service

Schubert, Gregory, Facilities

Thomas, Megeen, Human Resources

Wiley, Brenda, Johns Hopkins Club


20 years of service

Bright, Lynna, Communications

Paulson, Jill, Development and Alumni Relations


15 years of service

Alexiou, Lisa, Development and Alumni Relations

Etheridge, John, Office of Chief Networking Officer

Kuhn, Eric, Office of Chief Enterprise Technology Services

Missouri, Cheryl, Epic Information Technology

Weber, Elizabeth, Office of the Vice President and General Counsel


10 years of service

Carter, Kenny, Communications

Howard, Gregory, Supply Chain Shared Services

James, Alan, Office of Vice Provost for Institutional Equity

Martinez, George, Facilities

Piluk, Christopher, Office of Chief Networking Officer

Stanley, Sean, Enterprise Applications

Stout, Arnold, Facilities


5 years of service

Cramer, Charles, Facilities

McLaughlin, Michelle, Development and Alumni Relations

Miller, Jodi, Office of the President

Turner, Terri, Office of the Vice President and General Counsel



10 years of service

Bechtel, Kristin, Applied Mathematics and Statistics


5 years of service

Jennings, Victoria, Development and Alumni Relations

Shipley, Denise, Academic Affairs