July 9, 2012

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members are retiring or celebrating an anniversary with the university in July 2012. The information is compiled by the Office of Work, Life and Engagement, 443-997-7000.


25 years of service

Hubbard, Carlotta, Johns Hopkins University Press


20 years of service

Dieper, Susanne, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies


10 years of service

Roman, Elaine, Jhpiego


5 years of service

Jennings, Lakeya, Johns Hopkins University Press

Padgett, Terry, Jhpiego

Shasha, Willibrord, Jhpiego



25 years of service

Kale, Nathan, Information Systems

Rodgers, Kevin, Financial Operations


15 years of service

Hammen, Marlena, Center for American Indian Health

Levine, Charlene, Epidemiology

Perreault, Kim, Facilities

Zelke, Rosalia, Epidemiology


10 years of service

Boampong, Alicia, Epidemiology

Crispino, Konrad, Communications and Public Affairs

Goderre Jones, Johanna, Epidemiology


5 years of service

Coles, Matthew, Center for Accelerated Vaccine Access

Cui, Hongjie, Human Nutrition

Goldschmitt, Brandon, Epidemiology

Gupta, Ruchira, Environmental Health Sciences

Meadows, Darcy, Development and Alumni Relations

Morsell, Jason, Center for Immunization Research and Vaccine Sciences

Nixon, Genevieve, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Wiggington, Kenneth, Information Systems



5 years of service

Deemer, Tracy, Development and External Affairs




Fisher, Barbara, 21 years of service, Cognitive Science


25 years of service

Allen, Karen, Economics

Rodgers, Michael, Biology


20 years of service

Bond, Susan, Advanced Academic Programs


15 years of service

Baxter, Ellen, Biology


10 years of service

Smee, Stephen, Physics and Astronomy

Thilker, David, Physics and Astronomy


5 years of service

Ayres, Jennifer, Office of the Dean

Chesney, Sharon, Study Abroad

Haley, Alicia, Office of the Dean

Placilla, Anthony, Physics and Astronomy

Rappoccio, Salvatore, Physics and Astronomy

Trent, Kimberly, Earth and Planetary Sciences



30 years of service

Stein, Patricia, Student Health and Wellness Center


20 years of service

Freedman, Joan, Digital Media Center

Mond, Michael, Counseling Center


10 years of service

Dunbar, Joy, Office of the Registrar

Fraser, Megan, Athletics

Vanallen, Robert, Athletics



20 years of service

High, Susan, Business Office

Sears, Stephen, Business Office


5 years of service

Zurek, Jennifer, Western Hemisphere




Wieland, Theodora, 12 years of service, Center for Social Organization of Schools


5 years of service

Laurenzano, Mary, Educational Technology



35 years of service

Molander, Sharon, Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology

Tsottles, Nancy, Oncology


30 years of service

Lodder, Herbert, Bayview, Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit

Pinn, Michael, Infectious Diseases

Prioleau, Hazel, Human Resources

Welling, Sharon, Graduate Affairs


25 years of service

Alwood, Karla, Infectious Diseases

Blackburn, Sharon, Pathology

Case, Barbara, Pediatrics

Kahl, Robert, Pathology

Paparounis, Milicent, Immunogenetics

Plunkett, Beverly, Clinical Immunology

Talbot, C., Jr., Basic Biomedical Sciences

Taylor, Kimberly, Facilities

Will, Catherine, Graduate Student Affairs


20 years of service

Andrews, Herbert, Maintenance and Operations

Banks-Johnson, Deborah, Surgery

Crovo, Patricia, Infectious Diseases

Gard, Sharon, Pathology

Gatto, Gertrude, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Latronico, Diane, Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences

Thompson, Coraleeze, History of Medicine


15 years of service

Burrell, Lori, Pediatrics

Carreira, Susan, Pathology

Carrington, Robin, Clinical Practice Association

Christian, Michele, General Internal Medicine

Hampton, Jacqueline, Psychiatry

Hibler, Michael, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Kowarski, Carol, Continuing Medical Education

Landis, Patricia, Urology

Linder, Janice, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Rose, Patricia, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Ross, Debra, General Internal Medicine

Yang, Chune, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Zhang, Jie, Institute of Genetic Medicine


10 years of service

Bowen, Linda, Oncology

Conley, Karin, Pathology

Delaney, Robert, Oncology

Fan, Hongni, Oncology

Forrest, Lynette, Pediatrics

Griffiths, Alison, Neurology

Kessler, Thomas, Oncology

Levine, Susan, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Los, Jennifer, Infectious Diseases

Lyons, Arvin, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Mo, Guanglan, Oncology

Price, Mary, Pathology

Prince, Jack, Ophthalmology, Bayview

Schapiro, Nancy, Otolaryngology

Slodzinski, Martin, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Thomas, Jon, Health, Safety and Environment

Wemmer, Jan, Neurosurgery


5 years of service

Adrien, Mario, Research Administration

Anthony, Ashley, Clinical Practice Association

Carr-Cozier, Cherylann, Oncology

Debevec, Barbara, Pathology

Derose, Robert, Cell Biology

Esopi, David, Oncology

Farrow, Tracey, Otolaryngology

Gaddy, Anne, Pediatrics

Guo, Xin, Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology

Heck, Kirsten, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Held, Ki, Psychiatry, Bayview

Hsu, Johnny, Neurology

Ichniowski, Jennifer, Neurology

Johnsen, Luke, Infectious Diseases

Jones, Joyce, Infectious Diseases

Lego, Nicole, Human Resources

Liberto, Lisa, Ophthalmology

Massa, Michele, General Internal Medicine

McCree, Kirsten, General Administration, Chairman’s Office

Mollar, Annie, Infectious Diseases

Moxley, John, Epidemiology

Otto, Shannon, Surgery

Owen, Stephanie, Pathology

Redmond, Angelique, Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Rykiel, Mary, Institute of Genetic Medicine

Shepherd, Pamela, Geriatric Medicine, Bayview

Souder, Kimberly, Rheumatology, Bayview

Speth, Arthur, Health, Safety and Environment

Stack, Alicia, Otolaryngology

Tinker, Robert, III, Maintenance and Operations

Towns, Jessica, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Wey, Allison, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Whitehead, Sharron, Gynecology and Obstetrics




Angell, Sandra, 27 years of service, Office of Academic and Student Services


15 years of service

Todd, Barbara, Office of the Dean


5 years of service

Roberts, Carl, Registrar’s Office

Scarpola, Jessica, Acute and Chronic Care



25 years of service

Hall, Virginia, Sheridan Libraries


10 years of service

Herr, Heidi, Sheridan Libraries

Wang, Jing, Sheridan Libraries




Cascio, Nelson, 10 years of service, Enterprise Applications


40 years of service

Bruce, Prizgar, Facilities


35 years of service

Henderson, Charles, Facilities


30 years of service

McLaughlin, Sue, Development and Alumni Relations


25 years of service

Colliflower, Eric, Office of the Chief, Enterprise Technology Services

Ellis, Mary, Controller

Rose, Nancy, Enterprise Applications


10 years of service

Cade, Beverly, Controller

Callahan, James, Jr., Johns Hopkins Real Estate

Hendricks, Kimberly, Development and Alumni Relations

Lowe, Kenna, Development and Alumni Relations


5 years of service

Andersen, Christian, Supply Chain Shared Services

Anderton, Connie, Development and Alumni Relations

Cromwell, Michael, Security Services

Devaney, Andrew, Facilities

Hill, Jennifer, Facilities

Kazmierski, Kris, Office of the Chief Networking Officer

Lambert, Christine, Development and Alumni Relations

Miller, James, Security Services

Norford, Lawrence, Development and Alumni Relations

Zeng, Angela, Office of the Provost and Sr. VP for Academic Affairs



25 years of service

Gibbins, Ann, Applied Mathematics and Statistics


15 years of service

Deblasio, Stephen, Computer Science

Haber, Julie, Engineering for Professionals

Ronzhes, Yury, Mechanical Engineering


10 years of service

Kolasny, Anthony, Center for Imaging Science

Meehan, Jamie, Engineering Research Center


5 years of service

Spiro, Mary, Institute for NanoBioTechnology

Swadow, Jessica, Academic Affairs