July 23, 2012

Milestone anniversaries celebrated

School of Medicine

On June 21, Edward D. Miller, dean of the School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, personally thanked the staff present at the 2012 School of Medicine Recognition Reception, held in Turner Concourse, for playing a vital role in keeping Johns Hopkins “The Best of the Best.” Miller also was recognized, by Charlene Hayes, vice president for human resources, and the university, for his hard work and dedication to Johns Hopkins and was presented a captain’s chair as a retirement gift.

During this year’s reception, 678 staff members were eligible to be recognized—347 with five years of service, 217 with 10 years and 114 with 15 years. On hand to present service awards to their respective staffs were chairs and supervisors from 34 departments and offices, ranging from the Clinical Practice Association to Urology.


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Attendees at the Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Staff Recognition Reception, held June 28 in Feinstone Hall, enjoyed a hearty buffet as school leadership handed out awards to those celebrating milestone anniversaries with the university, including 84 staff members with five years of service, 42 with 10 years and 26 with 15 years. Along with the recognition awards, those celebrating anniversaries were given special ribbons to wear.