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Mercury in dolphins: Study compares captive, wild toxin levels

May 21, 2012

Amid growing concerns about the spread of harmful mercury in plants and animals, a new study by researchers from The Johns Hopkins University and the National Aquarium has compared levels of the chemical in captive dolphins and in dolphins found in the wild. The captive animals were fed a controlled diet, while the wild mammals […]

Groundbreaking set for School of Engineering’s Malone Hall

May 21, 2012

Johns Hopkins University leaders, trustees, faculty, students and guests will gather on Wednesday, May 23, on the Homewood campus for the groundbreaking of Malone Hall, a 69,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art building on the Alonzo G. and Virginia G. Decker Quadrangle that will house at least three collaborative research institutes. The building is made possible through a $30 […]

Making learning come alive

May 21, 2012

Students inherently want to learn and succeed. Great teachers help them achieve these aims. They use passion, humor, dedication and even the occasional puppy or other prop to aid students on their path of discovery. Good teachers also know how to adapt and, in these attention span–challenged days, keep topics interesting and engaging. One Johns […]

Blue Jays Forever

May 15, 2012

From face painting to class banner waving—and even some sword swallowing—thousands displayed all manner of Blue Jay spirit at Alumni Weekend 2012, held May 4 to 6. Homecoming featured more than 70 events this year, including Saturday’s new Hullabalooza, a late-night dance party with live music and a “glow bar” under a tent on the […]

Robert J. Adams named associate provost for animal research

May 14, 2012

Robert J. Adams, a veterinarian, biomedical researcher and member of the faculty for 35 years, has been appointed associate provost for animal research and resources at The Johns Hopkins University. Adams, who had been filling the position on an interim basis, directs the care of more than 150,000 animals—the vast majority of them mice and […]

JHU researchers elected to National Academy of Sciences

May 7, 2012

Paul Englund, a professor emeritus of biological chemistry, and Rachel Green and Se-Jin Lee, both professors of molecular biology and genetics, were among 82 scientists inducted April 28 into the National Academy of Sciences for their distinguished research achievements. The induction ceremony took place at the group’s 149th annual meeting in Washington, D.C. An election […]

Black hole caught red-handed in stellar homicide

May 7, 2012

Astronomers have gathered the most direct evidence yet of a supermassive black hole shredding a star that wandered too close. Supermassive black holes, weighing millions to billions times more than the sun, lurk in the centers of most galaxies. These hefty monsters lie quietly until an unsuspecting victim, such as a star, wanders close enough […]

Honoring the role of blacks at Johns Hopkins

May 7, 2012

Kelly Miller was born in South Carolina in 1863, the year the tide of the Civil War turned with the Battle of Gettysburg. Miller, the son of a free man and a slave woman, would head north when he turned 17 to chase his dreams of being a math scholar and honor his “band of […]

Interpreting history and landscape

May 7, 2012

In the 19th century and early in the next, the lush grounds of Evergreen House featured seven elaborate glass conservatories with names such as Mushroom House, Melon House and Orchid House. The mistress of the mansion, Alice Whitridge Garrett, likely would have strolled into one of these houses on a spring day to care for […]

Innovating to safeguard troops

April 30, 2012

The Johns Hopkins University has won an award worth up to $90 million from the U.S. Army to tap the expertise of the nation’s top academic researchers to help the Army develop new lightweight materials to better protect soldiers and vehicles. Toward this goal, Johns Hopkins is forming a new institute where researchers will try […]

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